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The casino declined my payment of 1500 ZAR after telling me my country was not allowed to use bonuses.I will explain although how vicious they were acting.First of all, they keep on sending me messages about promotions, with the name of my town in it, so they clearly know where i was located. I have screenshot the messages in my box they keep sending me by the way. Why send these promotions to me if my country is not allowed to use bonuses in first place?Second of all, even in chats when i connected to talk to them, telling them i was going to deposit, if they have a special offer for me, they did not tell me i was not allowed to use bonuses but they actually proposed me offers on deposit, 100 % and 50 free spins always.Third, when i wanted to close my account, they proposed me bonus to make me stay, how can they do that if my country is not eligible for bonuses, because of it after that, i deposited more and lost until that time i won and they refused to pay me.They are clearly in fault and use this term and conditions thing as they were not faultive, when indeed they were wrong.Please help me!

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Hello I am from Thailand and currently have a pending withdrawal on this casino called luckybet.com.I started playing there last month and luckily won a total of 3514.86 EUROS.I sent an email to [emailprotected] about my withdrawal but they did not reply.I tried live chat and was told I need to verify my account and home address.I emailed my documents to [emailprotected] as per their instruction.Then later on I received an email that my account is verified.I emailed them many times and also asked live chat but they never gave me clear answers about what is happening to my withdrawal.It has been almost a month but I have not receive any payment from them, please help.

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